spinpossible – mission objective: bouclé

spinpossible – mission objective: bouclé

Michael Kelson

Saturday AM

Bouclé yarns are great fun to spin, but can be a little challenging. Traditional bouclé yarns are spun with three plies: the core, the wrap, and the binder. This class will take you through all of the steps to create a traditional bouclé yarn. We’ll explore handspun and commercial cores and binders, and we’ll spin our own wrap singles from a variety of different fibers including mohair, silk, and a variety of longwools. We will also discuss techniques for creating textured yarns from blending different types of singles in the ply (i.e. differential shrinkage bouclé). Finally, we’ll discuss using different fibers, cores and binders to get different surfaces, loops, and textures in your bouclés.

Skills you will learn:

How to spin a traditional bouclé
How to evaluate core and binder yarns
Using differential shrinkage of various fibers to create a textured yarn
Using commercial cores and binders with your handspun wrap

Skill level:
Successful students will have a good working relationship with their spinning wheels, be able to spin a consistent single, and have some experience plying and finishing yarn. Note: bouclé is a ply-heavy technique, students should be comfortable with the basics of plying.

Material Fee:
$15 – instructor will provide all fibers for class.


Student Supplies:
A spinning wheel in good working condition with extra bobbins, notebook, lazy kate (if you have one). Bring any tools you might like to use (hand cards, mini-combs) and any fiber you would like to practice with.

Homework: None