Tapestry: It’s All About the Details

Michael Jennrich

Friday All Day

Tapestry in general is not difficult. It does, however, demand attention to detail. Like pixels in a computer-generated photograph, Tapestry techniques combine to create the illusion of both design and texture. This class will take a closer look at Lines, Joins, and Angles and their role in the weaving of shapes. These advanced techniques create a more stable fabric and can double as design elements.

Skill Level:
Moderate. Knowledge of Basic Tapestry Techniques required.

Material fee:
$15.00 for warp, weft, and handouts


Student Supplies:
Come to class with one of these looms: Schacht Easel Weaver Loom, Schacht Lilli Loom or Mirrix Saffron Loom. You will also need a tapestry fork, scissors, a thin shed stick, and a needle or tapestry bobbin.

Homework: None