Telar Mapuche: Band Weaving on a Frame Loom

Jennifer Williams

Saturday All Day

For centuries the Mapuche weavers of Chile and Argentina have woven intricately designed bands on frame looms made of sticks from trees. This class introduces students to Telar de Mapuche, the Mapuche style loom and band weaving techniques. Highly portable and perfect for travel or weaving sample bands, in this class, students will learn to weave bands on the ingenious, yet simple frame loom. Students will learn how to warp the loom for plain weave and pick-up techniques. No previous band weaving experience is necessary.

Skill Level: Beginner to advanced

Material fee: $45 (Includes frame loom, weaving yarns, shuttle, shed stick, pickup stick, printed patterns, hardware for one key fob key chain)


Student Supplies: Good vibes

Homework: None