The Gentle Art of Plying

Judith MacKenzie

Friday All Day

When I first started spinning, some fifty years ago, I thought that plying was simply a waste of time. I thought that if you wanted a thicker yarn, you should just spin the single thicker. It took me a bit of work and a really good teacher to show me just how wrong I was! Plying gives yarn amazing stability that it simply can’t have as a single. Its structure allows for many beautiful blends of fibers and colors. Plying can also create an unending variety of textured yarns such as bouclé’s and cables. Plies are, of course, always strong.

Skill level: Must be able to spin a continuous thread and have a good relationship with their wheel or e-spinner

Material Fee: $15 fiber supplied


Student Supplies:

Spindle or Spinning wheel in good working condition.  Bobbins, kate. If traveling with an e-spinner make sure to have a stand and a full battery.  The venue is not responsible for providing electricity or a stand.

Bring notepaper and a pen. Scissors.

Homework: None