To Hatch or not to Hatch

To Hatch or not to Hatch

Michael Jennrich

Saturday AM

Hachure is a term derived from an old French word "hache" which means "to hack, hew, or chop." In Tapestry, hachures are used as a design element and as a method of blending two colors together. Individual hatches literally "hack" into a shape creating points or "flames" of color conveying a three-dimensional form. Some traditions look at hachures as a basic tapestry technique that every serious student of tapestry needs to learn. Other traditions describe hachures as a more advanced skill due to the amount of calculating required to produce them. In either case, hachures can be intimidating. This class will examine the various hachure techniques and show how to use them, when to use them, and how to weave them.

Skill Level:
Moderate to Advanced

Material fee:
$15.00 for warp, weft, and handouts


Student Supplies:
Come to class with one of these looms: Schacht Easel Weaver Loom, Schacht Lilli Loom or Mirrix Saffron Loom. You will also need a tapestry fork, scissors, a thin shed stick, and a yarn needle or tapestry bobbin.

Homework: None