The Last Madrona

Becky and I are back from the last Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat.

I just want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you to Susanne and Cornie for putting on such a great show year after year.  It honestly was one of my favorite shows to teach at.  The students are always great, on time, prepared, and super smart.  Madrona truly has a wonderful sense of community.

I wanted to thank everyone at Madrona who spoke with us, too.  So many offered their thanks to us for continuing an event in that space at that time.  And the offers to help were too numerous to count, because the community there is so strong.  I am confident that that sense of community will continue at Red Alder, and that you will help us make it a truly special event next year.

Becky and I learned a great deal while there about how the show is run.  For those interested in teaching or vending, I have a list of people I’ll be sending proposal requests and vendor applications to.  If you want to be on that list, please drop me a line at [email protected].