Spinning Blended Breeds: Corriedale, Columbia, Coopworth

Spinning Blended Breeds: Corriedale, Columbia, Coopworth

Kate Larson

Thursday All Day

New types of sheep that are developed by carefully crossing established breeds are often called composite breeds. The plentiful fleeces from composite breeds such as Columbia, Corriedale, Cormo, Coopworth, and Polypay merge fleece characteristics from their parent breeds into versatile fibers that are a spinner’s delight. Join us as we explore the history of these sheep, discuss selecting and preparing their fleeces, work with indie-dyed fibers, and scheme about the beautiful textiles that would put these special fibers to best use.
Skills needed: Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn.

Skill Level:
Ability to spin a basic 2-ply yarn

Material fee:
$25: variety of washed fleece and fiber samples, handouts, recordkeeping materials

Larson Blended Breeds

Student Supplies:
Several spindles or working wheel, extra bobbins, and lazy kate. You will need handcards for this class—some will be available to borrow.

Homework: None